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 A few days ago,Someone asked me what instruments I've played over the years. It quickly inspired me to create my fun fact page. I'll answer 2 question a week till my birthday on the December 16th, on different questions i've been asked on topics over the years, on Monday's and Friday's, I'll leave the commits up on this page if you have any questions leave them below and I might answer them.

  1. The instruments that you know how to play.
"My main instrument is the Drums. Though I know how to play the Guitar, Banjo, & Mandolin; not going to say I'm the greatest at any of them but i can hold my own, though I've been slimming down my collection of instruments, though if i had the money I want to have a small music studio and start playing a lot more whether it is writing music again or getting better at the art of playing like I use to."

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