Scripture of the Day


     I know I said that I was going to post more on here this year, though between job change and coming up with a game plan, to start to pay off these bills in the next few months, fingers crossed that nothing happens between now and then. 

 We have to be careful in how we use this light shined on us. - Melinda Gates

    So what has been going in my life the last few days some days scares me, more than most due to having to go to a urologist, after the past year and a half they've been finding blood in my urine, could be nothing since some people it just happens, though I rather be safer than waiting and finding out later on there something more major going on with my health, I've finally came up with a game plan, in paying off my bills, there one week it a bit rough, but the others I have a little bit of money as long as I don't go blowing it but it in 6 months two more cards will be totally paid off, one I'm going to keep the other card I'm going to do away with, I know most will go it going to hurt my credit, though I thinking long term it will come around and it better than paying an annual fee every few months on cards I'm not using except for emergency's and two streaming services.

    To save on my gym membership, My Adopted Aunt gave me her Total Gym membership, it works it a little hard to set up in my small room, but once I do get it set up; it does work, just going to have to get a little bit of money since it was in a room where water would get in and the workout cards got wet so it hard to read them, though for a exercise machine that a bit more compact it nice to have vs paying monthly dues.